AccessLife Support Services

A: Orange NSW 2800

P: 0497 543 646



AccessLife Support Services is dedicated to uplifting lives with top-notch, personalised support for individuals with diverse abilities. Specialising in supporting NDIS participants, our passionate team—with over 40 years of combined experience—champions independence and enhances daily living.

Our services include social and community participation, empowering individuals to engage in their communities; assistance with daily living, providing comprehensive support for daily routines; and mental health support, which promotes well-being and resilience through personalised care and emotional support. Additionally, we offer respite and supported holidays, providing temporary relief for caregivers and ensuring individuals receive necessary support during breaks, including planning and logistics for accessible and enjoyable holidays.

AccessLife embraces a fun yet professional approach, celebrating diversity, inclusion, and ensuring cultural respect. Our mission is to empower clients to achieve their dreams and thrive.