Bell Conveyancing

A: Level 1, Office 4, 122-124 Kite Street, Orange NSW 2800

P: 0435 905 462



Kristy Bell, Owner/Director and Licensed Conveyancer established Bell Conveyancing in July 2017 from her spare bedroom in Bathurst.

In 2021, Bell Conveyancing hired its first full-time staff member and moved into a small CBD office. Due to their great reputation for customer service and word of mouth, the team and the office grew and in 2023 the team expanded to a second regional office in Orange and now has five full-time staff members including three fully licensed Conveyancers.

Bell Conveyancing is an approachable, local and knowledgeable Conveyancing Business that provides both remote and face-to-face services in Bathurst, Orange and all of New South Wales. Bell Conveyancing is a women-owned and run start-up business, embracing all women in business with a team of highly motivated women, working together to make our client’s experience one of a kind.

Bell Conveyancing knows that buying and selling houses can sometimes be overwhelming and are dedicated to providing their clients with constant communication and legal services in easy-to-understand language.

Bell Conveyancing