Housing Plus

A: 113 Byng Street, Orange NSW 2800

P: 1800 603 300

E:  info@housingplus.com.au

W: https://housingplus.com.au/

Housing Plus is a progressive social enterprise that re-invests all profits into improving social outcomes for individuals and communities in Regional NSW.

We are a leading regional Tier 1 community housing provider with a 40-year history of providing client-centred tenancy and property management services to the Central West and Western regions of NSW.

We provide a range of housing options to meet the needs of individuals and their families that include social, affordable and specialist accommodation. As at 30 June 2023, we manage a property portfolio consisting of 1,240 households.

Through Plus Community, we also support both our tenants and community members in NSW with services for domestic and family violence, homelessness, employment pathways, and post-release support