Inland Digital

A: 2/9 Gateway Crescent, NSW 2800

P: 1300 632 156



We started the business with a goal of providing the latest office technology to the Central West business community and we’ve maintained a consistent presence here for over 25 years. Despite the technology being simpler back then we still got a kick out of automating our customers’ repetitive tasks or saving time on document production. As more and more of our business processes are replaced by technology, the impact of a poor implementation has significantly increased. We knew the key to our success would be in having the right people with the right skills. We’ve built a passionate team of local experts at Inland Digital who are focused on helping local businesses navigate the technology journey. We’ve partnered with global hardware and software companies to provide our customers best of breed solutions. Our commitment to local, pro-active support means our team is trained to sell, scope, implement and support everything we sell – for the long term.