Konnect HR Consulting

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P: 0411 152 115

E: kay.fox@konnecthr.com.au

W: www.konnecthr.com.au

I’m a People and Culture Consultant and I’m passionate about helping companies create awesome workplace cultures.

I’m a bit like a chef whereby to create the most beautiful meal and the overall culinary experience, it requires an understanding of the various ingredients; and only when you put them together in the right way and cook them to perfection do you get the meal of your dreams.

That’s exactly what I do in organisations with people and cultures.  Because the biggest problem I’m seeing with my clients is the ability to attract, develop, and retain their talent.

Business Owners are scared, scared of the long-term impact that the lack of talent, or the wrong talent, can have on their organisation. Scared they won’t be able to meet their clients’ needs; scared their business will decline, and ultimately scared they won’t have a business in the long term.

I believe every company deserves to have the right people on their team to help them deliver their goals and grow their company in line with your vision. I partner with them to do that.