Mayfield Vineyards

A: 954 Icely Road Orange NSW 2800

P: 0473 862 248



Mayfield Vineyard is a small producer in Orange NSW and one of the highest vineyards in the region with elevation ranging from 880m up to 950m above sea level.
Our wines are a harmonious partnership between growing and making and we strive to showcase our region, our soil and the purity of our fruit. We produce true Single Vineyard wines in our unique Orange NSW style, following sustainable practices with minimal intervention. Handling changes from year to year based on the vintage – maximising the integration between winemaking and grape production on a seasonal basis. The common thread is elegance, refinement and vivacity. I feel that Mayfield Vineyard would be a great addition to your portfolio given that we are a niche producer that would add great value, offering interesting wines from a new and exciting cool climate region. We are producing wines at altitude that showcase cool climate characteristics, they are elegant, restrained with a beautiful natural acidity and I can see from your website and your current portfolio that we would be a natural fit.