Peak Connect

A: Unit 3 / 45 Upfold Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

P: 02 6324 5555



Experience the Peak Connect Difference with our Unbeatable Local Service. You don’t have to waste time and money getting bounced around to multiple people, call centres or web chats. At Peak Connect, a dedicated local team member takes responsibility for your enquiry or issue saving you the frustration. Our Internet plans all offer unlimited data and are competitive. Importantly, we only use NBN services that have a low network load to help mitigate against customers experiencing slow speeds during peak times. Peak Connect only supply high quality modems (not cheap types that provide poor WiFi coverage) and we have seen customers achieve a several fold increase in Internet throughput (e.g. download speeds).

At Peak Connect we have developed a unique proactive service monitoring solution that alerts us if a customer is having NBN issues, and we then work with our suppliers on your behalf to resolve it, often before you are even aware. We offer a complete range of telecommunications solutions and services including NBN Internet, fixed and mobile phone services, cabling, service provisioning, and hardware and cloud based business telephone systems (PABX). Our experienced local technical team promptly resolve any issues either remotely or with a quick site visit. No longer do you need to deal with non-technical call centres trying to push the blame or suggesting a modem reset as the fix.