Union Bank

A: 84 Byng Street, Orange NSW 2800

P: (02) 6311 1770

E: enquiries@theunionbank.com.au

W: https://www.theunionbank.com.au/

Set in a historic 165-year-old Bank, you’ll find the locally owned and upbeat UB – a thriving food and hospitality precinct with community at its heart. Here, a connection between produce and people is encouraged. A contemporary restaurant led by a team of passionate and forward-thinking individuals, we have Orange and it’s four stunning seasons at the front of our creative minds. Since its inception in 2019 The Union Bank has always been committed to bringing the community together, highlighting Orange’s rich food and wine culture.

We also know that food is so much more than fueling our body – it amplifies every experience and shapes our memories. Here at the Union Bank, we celebrate the true meaning of food – to unite our community and enjoy everything a superb meal has to offer. Not only do we take immense pride in providing simple, quality food to our community, but we understand just how important a good meal is in bringing people together. Our food is created to be enjoyed over some great banter and even greater company – we want our dishes to fill the table as you celebrate your birthday, our wine to be poured into your glass as you reunite with family and friends and our infamous desserts to add to the sweetness of your date night.

The only time our food will ever get in the way of enjoying time with the people you love is that fight for the last potato scallop. Our team is here to make sure every part of your UB experience is spot on. We have created an environment where dishes are shared, drinks are clinked and banter is strong